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In medias res...

It's a Latin term meaning "in the middle" referring to the middle of a narrative. Beginnings are hard. It's not always easy trying something new, making a new friend or even just trying to get to know someone.

It has been said that no writer turns out a truly great novel out of nowhere. Usually they have been thinking on an idea for years and years. That is wild to think about! I came up with the idea for "The Defenders of Castle Cove" pretty quickly and began writing it only a few months later and finished a rough draft in less than five months. However, the story didn't begin there.

I studied medieval history in college... and before that I studied medieval literature. Many, many birthdays of mine have been celebrated at the dinner theatre Medieval Times in Buena Park, California. In high school I had loved our medieval unit in World History. I also distinctly remember loving it in seventh grade and even sewing an entire medieval outfit by hand for a project.

When did it all begin? Where did this love for the medieval period and the real inspiration for this story start?

It seems like every time I think I've found The Origin Moment I remember something else that pre-dates it. Each event ends up being another "in medias res" which is really exciting to think about. Perhaps my love of this time period and my inspiration for my dear Lucy is much older than I realize. Instead of firmly pointing to Summer 2019 and saying "aha! That's the moment I began this book!" I'm going to have to shrug and say, "it's been developing for a very long time."

With that I say, farewell. This post is a beginning to new adventure but also another piece of a journey that is still very much in the middle.


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