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Production Babies

Have you ever noticed the listing of Production Babies at the end of a Pixar film? They come at the end of the credits and you'll see a list of first names in alphabetical order.

The first time I noticed it was seeing The Incredibles in theaters. That movie was a real game changer for me and I remember seeing it with my cousin. We were determined to stay until the end of the movie especially since it was right around that time that more movie-makers were adding bonus scenes post-credits. But there were the production babies.

My knee-jerk guess was babies who contributed to the film or something? My guess was based on the fact that I knew babies like Boo from Monsters Inc and Jack-Jack had in fact been voiced by real children.

My guess was close-ish. If you don't know Production Babies are the children born to the animators during the course of the film being made. Pixar and Disney believe that the addition of these bright, beautiful little ones adds to the spirit of creativity and that their births definitely impact the films in good, happy ways.

This is my shout-out to a few production babies who have helped me along my writing journey.

I was able to nanny for six and a half years and that time fell into some of the more formative years as a writer. Those two kiddos were instrumental in helping me figure out what's boring, what's cool and what would really keep a small reader engaged.

The birth of my niece was a game changer. From the moment she came into this world I'm pretty sure my entire focus altered. It is because of her (in an interesting way) that Lucy got her name.

A few years after that my nephew was born. He has been a joy to have in our family and I can't imagine our life without him. He loves the outdoors, and playing. He watches lots of Disney movies and is a funny kid.

Perhaps an unusual Production Baby but a few pets make the list as well. Meeko, Abbey and Wally have all contributed by their sweetness, loyalty and cuddles to the feelings of love and peace in my life. Their small, fuzzy lives have made mine happier.

Most recently have been the additions of the small, fuzzy, mega-snackers Barry Bluejeans and Professor Oatmeal or Oaty for short.

This list will surely grow as time goes on, but I am grateful for the babies who have contributed some of their light, laugher and sweetness thus far.

Who have been some of the Production Babies in your life?

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